It is interesting that the main three repeal the 8th lobby pro-choice groups, Amnesty International Ireland, The Irish Council for Civil Liberties and the Abortion Rights Campaign have according to records of the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) de-registered from SIPO.

Who is obliged to register?

The Explanatory Note from SIPO setting out which organisations referred to as Third Parties, are obliged to register is set out here .

To summarise

A third party means any individual or group, other than a registered political party or election candidate, who or which accepts, in a particular calendar year, a donation for political purposes exceeding the value of €100. 

Political purposes means any of the following purposes, namely (among others) :

4.     to promote or oppose, directly or indirectly, the interests of a third party in connection with the conduct or management of any campaign conducted with a view to promoting or procuring a particular outcome in relation to a policy or policies or functions of the Government or any public authority;’

It is interesting that pro-choice organisations that on the one hand are openly campaigning and lobbying for the repeal of the 8th Amendment and unrestricted abortion regime, and because of such campaigning find it necessary to register as political lobbyists with SIPO, are on the other hand telling SIPO that they are not engaged in any campaign for ‘political purposes‘ and for that reason de-registering. Or possibly they have not received any donation in the calendar year ‘exceeding the value of €100.00?