It is well known that the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), a political group, supports and campaigns for the removal of the 8th Amendment, which is a political campaign. What is perhaps less known is that the IFPA receives a substantial amount of funds from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).IPPF stands with repeal

The relationship between the IFPA as a member of the IPPF in itself is not necessarily something to question, however the problem is the IPPF’s involvement in the removal of the 8th Amendment in Ireland. The full extent of the IPPF’s involvement in this aim is not clear, but what we do know certainly raises alarms about the legality of the funds being used in an Irish political campaign from the IFPA.

The Evidence

It is already clear that the Irish Family Planning Association is a member of the IPPF  and that they have a close relationship, as social media shows, but what does the IPPF do exactly?

Their goal is stated: “IPPF is a locally owned, globally connected, civil societal movement that provides enables services and champions sexual and reproductive health rights for all, especially the underserved”. It is not a question of whether the IPPF fulfils their goal globally, but how they do it, especially in Ireland.


*See the IPPF’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2022 which outlines their plan for implementing access to widespread abortions.

As part of their work for securing reproductive rights for all and access to abortion for all, the IPPF also openly campaigns for the introduction of legislation to provide for more permissive abortion regimes around the world.

In this regard the IPPF on its own website, boasts of their results including, in particular: “in 2016, IPPF delivered 182.5 billion sexual reproductive health services. We also contributed to 175 policies and/or legislative changes in support or defence of sexual and reproductive health and rights at national, regional and global levels.” It is clear from this statement that the IPPF through its work internationally involves itself in campaigning at a local level through its own member organisations, such as the case for the IFPA.

IPPF and IFPA video - Copy
IPPF and IFPA collaborate on abortion video.


IFPA supported by IPPF - Copy

The Irish evidence of the above is found in the IPPF’s own annual performance report 2013 and 2014. Here they boast about their involvement in the decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland through their work with its member association, the IFPA.


They state: “the IFPA has worked for many years to advocate for the legislation that would decriminalise abortion.” This is stated on page 11 of the IPPF 2013-14 Annual Performance Report.

Abortion IFPA IPPF - Copy


It abundantly clear that the IPPF campaigns for the decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland, and the next piece of evidence shows us how they have been fulfilling that aim.


The IFPA is heavily funded by the IPPF

The IPPF has over many years been donating substantial funds to the IFPA for its work, which as stated earlier is for legislation that “decriminalises abortion”. The evidence of such is found in the IPPF’s financial statements for the past number of years, which shows the payment of very substantial monies to the IFPA. The snips below show the amount of restricted funds the IFPA received from the IPPF for that specific year.

2011: See page 34.2011

2012: See page 38. 2012

2013: See page 38.  2013

2014: See page 37.2014