Many will be aware that Amnesty International Ireland, which received illegal funding
from Open Society Foundation, is the subject of a prosecution from the Standards in
Public Office Commission regarding this illegal funding. It seems, therefore, that Amnesty International Ireland are now seeking a judicial review of the decision from the Standards in Public Office Commission to  proceed with the prosecution. This should be seen for what it is; a ‘red herring’  to distract the general public from their criminal activity.Amnesty-Soros

There is clearly no defence for this illegal funding. However Amnesty Ireland and other groups campaigning for the repeal of the 8th Amendment have received over many years, substantial funds from abroad and it seems they have little choice other than to challenge the Electoral Act which prohibits such legislation or face financial ruin.

The Electoral Act was introduced in order to prevent foreign donors and large Irish
corporations from hijacking the legislative process in Ireland by making substantial
donations to political campaign groups such as Amnesty and others. While Amnesty is
seeking to spin this matter as some sort of attack on civic rights groups; this case should be seen for nothing other than what it is; an attempt by Amnesty to keep the flow of foreign funding into Ireland coming, money that is being used to usurp our constitutional democracy by giving undue influence to such wealthy donors.

It should be noted that Amnesty has been attacked by other groups such as Atheist
Ireland for such funding and it seems there has been a public spat between the two
organisations regarding Amnesty’ criminal activities.

The much talked about court case which Amnesty is taking is designed to muddy the water in this area and to keep the flow of foreign funding into Ireland to support the repeal the 8th Amendment campaign.

This is proved by the simple fact that this case has been given no urgency and while it was reported by the Sunday Business Post on the 2nd of March last, that the case is listed for hearing on the 16th of April, this is not in fact correct. The case is only listed ‘for mention’ for the 16th of April and if Amnesty believed in its own case, the matter would be treated as urgent, which clearly it does not.

If Amnesty were to be successful this would lead to a similar situation which now
occurs in the U.S. where large corporate donors are permitted to unduly impact the political process with large donations to various political action groups. This is the goal of the Amnesty/Transparency Ireland court case and should be seen for what it is; an attack on our political process.