While it is clear to many that Amnesty International Ireland has completely lost its way,
becoming little more than a puppet organisation of foreign donors, its hypocrisy with
respect to those willing to expose criminal activity, lies exposed.

Many will be aware of the Amnesty International campaign for the release of Chelsea
Manning for the severe sentence Chelsea received for the release of classified U.S.
documentation which exposed criminal activities by the US State.







Many argued that Chelsea’s sentence, given that it exposed criminal wrongdoing,  for the releasing of these documents was severe, and Amnesty International among others campaigned for her release.

It is most bizarre, therefore, although not very surprising, that Amnesty International Ireland would now attack the release of documentation by DC Leaks exposing the criminal funding by Open Society Foundation of repeal the 8th groups in Ireland including Amnesty International Irish Section.

The ultimate in hypocrisy!!!!






















































of various repeal the 8th groups in Ireland, including Amnesty International Ireland.

It seems that whistle blowing that exposes criminal wrong doing by others is to be applauded but whistle blowing that exposes criminal wrong doing by Open Society Foundations and Amnesty Ireland is to be frowned upon.