Amnesty-SorosMany were not surprised by the recent rebranding  of the repeal the 8th lobby as the vaguely titled ‘Together for Yes Campaign’ given the somewhat negative associations of the former.

What was surprising though is the fact that it failed to jettison some of its former member organisations that are now the subject of criminal prosecution and others that are subject of Standards in Public Office Commission investigations.

For whatever reason it has not disavowed Amnesty International Irish Section Ltd and the Irish Family Planning Association. Both organisation which have been found guilty of obtaining illegal funding from abroad by the Standards in Public Office Commission and are now to be prosecuted.

And while some of the organisations such as the Irish Council of Civil Liberties and the National Women’s Council are subject of a current Standards in Public Office Commission investigation, the fact that the former groups are still part of the ‘new group’ is shocking.

This would lead one to suggest that the illegal foreign funding of this campaign is so endemic that it was not possible to rid themselves of the guilty organisations without seriously damaging their campaign.