Almost all organisations rely on a large group of donors for its income. This is not the case with the controversial Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL). This organisation is is 98% foreign and corporate funded.

According to the 2016 Annual Accounts of the ICCL it received the sum of €10,581.00 income that did not come from grants from domestic and corporate entities .

According to the same accounts the ICCL it received the sum of €1,048,794.00 by way of grants. All the ‘grants’ were made from corporate or statutory bodies.

The ICCL total income in 2016 amounted to the sum of €1,059,375.00. So in percentage terms only 1.7% of its total income comes from money that is not foreign and corporate funded.

The fact that this organisation does not even cover its own running costs from its membership says everything about the popularity of the agenda of this entity.

The following is a list of its Grantors: 

  1. Atlantic Philanthropies (non resident)
  2. Sigrid Rausing Trust (non resident)
  3. The Open Society Foundation (non resident)
  4. The Community Foundation Ireland 
  5. The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission 
  6. The European Commission (non resident)
  7. Irish Trust for Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. This is an Irish entity but receives almost all of its funds from abroad.