Our Mission

Repeal the 8th Funding goal is to expose the foreign and illegal funding of the Repeal the 8th Campaign and the foreign coordination of groups in Ireland to undermine Ireland’s sovereignty.

Repeal the 8th Funding goal is to stop this corruption of the political process by exposing this funding so that to create a level playing field for voters in the upcoming referendum.

Repeal the 8th Funding goal is to empower people with the necessary information of this illegal funding to that  they can make informed decisions on the bona fides of these groups and whether they should be treated as authentic campaigners.

Repeal the 8th Funding encourages people to report such illegal funding either to ourselves or to the statutory authorities.

Repeal the 8th Funding finding are based on sound objective and professional analysis.

Repeal the 8th Funding is self financed and not profit making. It will not accept any donations which might compromise its independence.