Have you been wondering why we are expending taxpayers’ funds in having a Citizens Assembly to discuss the issue of the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution in 2017 – when a lack of resources has resulted in record-breaking numbers of people on Irish hospital trolleys or on waiting lists?

Have you been wondering why the Government is so committed to changing the Eight Amendment to the Constitution and why most of the media is openly campaigning for such change?

So what is driving this change? Could it be that large flows of funds from the US to prochoice groups is funding the campaign to amend the Irish Constitution in regard to our protection for unborn children and their mothers?

This site will demonstrate how foreign funding and in particular funding from the United States is being used to promote a referendum costing us the taxpayers an estimated 20 million euros at a time when families around Ireland are struggling to pay their household bills. Private interests in the United States are, through spending millions, promoting one side of the debate, distorting the democratic process and potentially changing the course of Ireland’s social history. This document will go some way towards explaining why abortion is being pushed at us from every angle, and at every level.

The fact that outside bodies are talking about funding and coordinating groups in Ireland to dismantle constitutional protection for the unborn child represents a gross interference and is an attack on democracy. The public will be deprived of such a debate if this kind of meddling continues from well-funded outside bodies.

This is internationalist subversion on behalf of foreign interests seeking to undermine Ireland’s sovereignty. These revelations are extremely disturbing.


But do pro life groups get money from the US also?

Yes pro life groups gets money from the United States. The Pro Life Campaign for instance has said that it has obtained on average less than €6,300 per year from the US since 2010 and this money was used for education initiatives. There is one substantial difference. What we are talking about though is the massive scale of the donations that the Irish pro-choice organisations are receiving from abroad relative to the pro life groups. It is perfectly acceptable to receive donations from abroad for education purposes but if the donations are so substantial and are given with the specific purpose to rewrite our Constitution, then this is an attack on democracy and is not acceptable. Further the fact that some of the pro-choice organisations have little to or no funding from within Ireland suggests an organisation that has no popular appeal and completely beholding to its foreign donors and really nothing other than a foreign funded ‘puppet organisation’.