Irish Family Planning Association Limited (company registration number 028395). The organisation was exposed by an undercover operation in 2012 as a shoddy setup and among other things was revealed to be providing life endangering advice to pregnant women. The Irish Independent carried the story which led to a Garda investigation and a HSE enquiry.

Despite the fact that it openly campaigns for abortion in Ireland it actually has a charity number (CHY 5694).

Most people probably don’t know that the Irish Family Planning Association is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood.

The latter have been caught on video having the most vile, horrific and disturbing discussions possible as they arrange how to best harvest body parts from aborted babies. They haggle over prices, with one saying she ‘wants a Lamborghini’. Planned Parenthood’s lab techs laugh as they pick through the torn bodies of unborn children and remark that getting eyeballs is ‘easy’, or casually pick up a tiny arm or leg. These videos are difficult to watch; they make you feel not just nauseous but heartsick, because selling baby parts is a shocking trade that has long been part of the abortion industry. For the vast majority of ordinary decent people, the inhumanity captured in the videos is simply inexplicable.

The IFPA boasted in its 2012 Annual Report that it received International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Member Association Award in acknowledgement of its “campaigning for the right to abortion in Ireland”. Planned Parenthood has donated funds to its Irish operation, though that funding pales in comparison to the tens of millions of euro received by the IFPA from the Irish taxpayer  as they push for abortion.

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This organisation despite engaging in political campaigning has received funds of $150,000 from the US based Soros/Open Society Foundation as part of its campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment. These funds were revealed by DC Leaks and not by the organisation itself.

The group received the grant in January 2016 after submitting an application to fund a project directed towards, among other things, the “strategic goal of garnering support for repeal of the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution”.

Faced with requests from SIPO last Autumn, the Irish Family Planning Association said it was not a campaigning body and had used the €132,000 it had received for charitable and educational purposes; the commission did not pursue the matter further.

It is interesting that Irish Family Planning Association while claiming that it does not engage in political work is registered with the Register of Lobbying in Ireland. You can see this here.

We have set out below links to the annual accounts for Irish Family Planning Association for the years 2001 2002 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 for your reference.